Little Tiggers

Hi there! We are the Little Tiggers Team, we work with children that are 3 years old who will be joining the preschool classrooms the following year.

Our room is all-year round, meaning we are open throughout the half-term holidays, as well as Easter and Summer Holidays. We are closed during the Christmas Holidays! Our room is open from 8am until 6pm.

  • staff photos being updated! – August 2023

All about Little Tiggers Class

We are open all-year round for 3 year olds which won’t be going to school until the following school year. This room is for children who attend nursery throughout the school year and during holiday times – some of the children are funded, whilst others are not.

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The children are encouraged by staff to be active, both in their learning and in their day-to-day life, such as going outside to explore and play, and offering the children various workshops to take part in such as the literacy corner, numeracy corner, and book corner.

Lunch Options:

  • Nursery hot meal (small fee payable)
  • Nursery pack lunch (small fee payable)
  • Home pack lunch

Little Tiggers staff ratio is:

1 adult to 8 children