Comments from Families:

We highly value feedback from families on how their children’s time is/was with us, and what they enjoy and/or appreciate about the Gooseberry Bush Day Nursery. The quotes below are from parents and carers of children that have attended the nursery in the past.

All names within these comments have been changed to protect individual person’s privacy.

“I just wanted to say ‘Thank you!’ for running such a lovely nursery and for looking after my boys over the past 4 years. They have always had a good time and have learnt a lot! Keep doing what you’re doing!”

“Thanks so much for everything you have done for us. My child is now so much further forward”

“Thank you to everyone in the Pooh Bears class. Harry has come on so well the past 6 months and that is due to the wonderful staff. It’s reassuring that when I drop him off I know he is well looked after and he is developing his skills and knowledge whilst he’s with you. Thank you x”

“Draco loves coming to nursery and misses it when he is not there, which I think says a lot about the job you’re all doing. I know some nurseries are still closed, and we really appreciate the work you’re doing despite the unusual and difficult circumstances putting extra stress on you this year. Thank you!”

“Thank you so much to all the staff that look after our Hermione they love spending time at nursery and looks forward to telling us all they’ve done – always at home ‘making pretend cakes’ for Pomona 🙂 truly are so thankful much love Hermione’s mummy and mumma xx”

“Thank you for creating a safe, loving environment for my daughter”

“Thank you for all the help and support, he has come such a long way and wouldn’t be where he is now without all your help”

“Minerva from Little Tiggers has been absolutely incredible with my Ron and is such a kind, gentle lady. Minerva has really helped improve on Ron’s learning and understanding and I feel she always goes into so much detail about his day for me. he makes me feel very much involved. All the Little Tiggers staff are wonderful and very friendly. Thank you to everyone of you x

“A big ‘thank you’ for all the love and support you have given our family”

If you would like to comment or give us any feedback on your time at our nursery, please contact us by email on OR telephone on 01209 713119.

Staff Appreciation Days

With the coronavirus pandemic putting more pressure on staff than before, we have now decided to host a Staff Appreciation Day each year (usually in Spring Term).

During Staff Appreciation Day we ask families to show their appreciation for our lovely team by adding their comments to ClassDojo. We keep all those lovely comments on a board located outside of the Main Office for our staff team to view all throughout the year!

Below are some of the comments from various families on Staff Appreciation Day 2023:

“Hi Pomfry, I just wanted to thank you for all of your (and your team’s) hard work with Neville. He is so settled at nursery now and it is just a pleasure to see. He was absolutely buzzing after nursery today and has obviously had the most wonderful time. Thank you so much for creating such an enjoyable environment for him ❤️x”

“Absolutely love the piglets team ❤️ wonderful, lovely people who always have time for everyone. your hard work and kind souls could not be more appreciated!!! xxx”

“Cannot appreciate all of the Piglets team more. Luna LOVES nursery and sometimes doesn’t even want to leave. It’s down to those amazing girls always providing her with the best care, thankyou ❤️❤️”

“I’d just like to let Severus know how much he is appreciated by me and Theodore! The hard work he’s put in by staying by Theodore’s side to settle him has really boosted Theodore’s confidence inside and outside of nursery. From the shy boy crying every morning to the little boy that now asks for Severus, the difference he’s made to us both is amazing! Thank you! Xx”

“I cannot thank Poohs enough for looking after Ginny, she absolutely loves it with you guys. The entire team are fab, piglets I still love you as does Ginny Flit (Flitwick) Minerva and of course Pom (Pomfry) as Ginny calls you 😂 couldn’t think of a better place for my little menace to be when we are working, Remus and Pom your fab and all of the activities Ginny gets to do, I’d secretly like to see this yoga she does xxx thank you all much xxx”