Upcoming Events:

We know that things tend to get a little hectic as the year goes on, which is why we try to plan and organise our events well in advance. With this in mind, any big events such as public holidays (like Easter, Halloween or Christmas), nursery events (like Graduations or Anniversary Parties) can be found below.

Please be aware that events will be announced first on ClassDojo and later confirmed on our website. If you would like more information regarding ClassDojo, please follow the link here: link

We always look to improve our events for next time to make them better for you and your family, so if you have any suggestions or ideas on what we can improve on, or you’d like to let us know what you enjoyed about an event, you can give us feedback by clicking the button below!

Autumn Term 2 Begins (30th Oct)

Firework Safety Week (30th – 3rd Nov)

To get prepared for Bonfire Night (Guy Fawkes Night) we will be learning how to be safe when using sprinklers and why it is important to be safe

Anti-Bullying Week (13th – 17th Nov)

We will be talking about bullying this week, and why it is important to be kind to others.

Children In Need (13th – 17th Nov)

Over the course of the week we will be raising money for BBC Children In Need by selling cakes at the main office & possibly at Gilly’s Cafe!

We will also be doing a dress up on Friday 17th Nov – children taking part are asked to donate 50p!

Child Safety Week (20th – 24th Nov)

For this week we will be sharing resources with families on how to stay safe this summer, as well as any tips and tricks on how to stay safe when out and about.

We will also teaching the children in an age-appropriate way how to keep themselves safe such as the importance of washing hands, looking both ways before crossing the road, etc.

We will have a Santa’s grotto where the children can get their photos taken with Santa, along with a gift for visiting!

Food Options:

Toast, Bacon Sandwich, Sausage Sandwich

Egg Sandwich, Cereal, Fruit Salad, Yogurt

Drink Options:

Water, Fruit Juice, Tea, Coffee

Let us know if you have any allergy or dietary needs when you get your tickets!

Christmas Jumper Day (7th Dec)

We will be raising money for Save the Children by taking part in Christmas Jumper Day! Children taking part are asked to donate 50p!

Last day of term – when funding stops! (19th December)

Last day of year – we close at 4pm! (22nd December)