The baby room (otherwise known as the Piglets) is the beginning of a baby’s journey through the nursery.

The Piglets room cares for babies aged from 6 weeks to approximately 2 years old.

Each new child is encouraged to do gradual visits before they start to build a happy healthy relationship with their keyworker and familiarise themselves with the nursery environment, this will also include a home visit.

The staff provide consistency of care for each child by following their routine at home as much as possible.

Babies are loved, nurtured and provided with a range of toys, equipment and activities in a stimulating environment.

The Gooseberry Bush believes children sleep better in the fresh air with it being far more beneficial for them. Each child will be allocated a pram or a cot with their own bedding, to sleep in when they are tired through discussion with parents.

We encourage parents to allow their children to sleep outside in the garden, where they will be closely monitored by staff at all times and checked every 10 minutes while they are sleeping. This is recorded on a chart and signed by staff, feedback is given to parents.

Staff ratio is:

1 adult to 1 baby for those under 6 months old

1 adult to 2 babies for those between 6 months and 12 months old

1 adult to 3 babies for those over 12 months old