The Honey Jar

Otherwise known as the ‘Focus Group’

The Honey Jar’s sessions currently run from 9:30am till 11:00am and 1:00pm till 2:30pm, three days a week.

As our classes are dictated by the days children are in nursery, we do not have a set schedule or register. However, we aim to take 3-4 children every day, morning and afternoon, to have a session with us.
The Honey Jar is a recently completed, purpose-built building for our focus groups and whilst the children are not stationed in the Honey Jar all throughout the day, our groups frequently travel back and forth between our class and the nursery.

Whilst at the Honey Jar we take no more than 4 children at a time and we do some focus group time with them. The children that we have may nned additional support and we are working with them on their Individual Educational Plans (IEP) during our focus group time. (Please note not all children who attend our focus groups have IEPs)

Staff ratio is 1 adult to 2 children.