Corona-virus (COVID-19)

How do I apply for my child to return to nursery?

After reviewing our setting and provision, we have decided to open two more Bubbles for more families and their children.

We will be reviewing our setting on 18th June, to assess whether we are able to open our doors to our remaining families, as well as putting further measures in place for the new school year.

Can my child go to nursery?

As of Monday 23rd March, 2020, the only children attending nursery are those of key-working families and vulnerable families. We are only offering childcare whilst parents/carers are working.

  • If you (or your partner) are not working, your child will NOT be allowed into nursery.
  • If anyone in your household is at risk due to underlying health/medical problems, your child will NOT be allowed into nursery.
  • If anyone in your household has symptoms of potential corona-virus (ie. persistent cough, high temperature) your child will NOT be allowed into nursery.

Why can’t my child go to nursery?

As the UK and government proceed with plans to prevent the further spread and exposure of those vulnerable to COVID-19, all schools and childminders across the country have been asked to close and ONLY offer childcare to front-line parents and vulnerable families.

We understand that this can be upsetting. The aim of children being at home and away from nursery is to protect them and yourselves from unnecessary exposure to COVID-19, as well as limiting the spread of the disease if you and your family were to catch it or we had a case in nursery.

What happens if a case of COVID-19 occurs in nursery?

Inform us immediately if your or your child has contracted coronavirus!

We are required to report all confirmed cases of coronavirus, which have occurred in relation to our setting, to the Health & Safety Executive (RIDDOR) and the local Health Protection Team.

We are additionally required to report dangerous occurrences to RIDDOR which can include but is not limited to, a failure to follow current restrictions put in place by the government and local authorities, failures to establish and maintain the safety of others at nursery, etc.

Specifically if a child, parent/carer or member of staff attending nursery has been tested and confirmed to have COVID-19, we must report it. We must also report occasions that can endanger others, such as members of the public not following social distancing or large gatherings occurring on our site.

Again please inform us immediately if your or your child has been tested and confirmed to have coronavirus!

By reporting to us, we can:

  • Report new cases of the corona-virus to the local authorities, so the local community can continue to stay safe and alert of new occurrences,
  • Inform and isolate staff and other individuals that came into contact with yourself and/or your child to prevent further spread,
  • Launch an emergency deep-clean to remove the virus from nursery and thus, allow other key working families to continue using our service.

What will change at nursery?

We have taken steps to change our provision so we can continue to provide the best childcare whilst keeping the children, their families and our staff team staff.

Families Guides have been posted on ClassDojo and Facebook which will go into more detail about specific changes that are happening at nursery, including how arrivals and collections will be organised, as well as routine changes in the classroom.

If at any time our procedures or routines have to change drastically again, we will update the Families Guide with new information.

In the meantime, please keep an eye out for further updates.

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