Key changes of note:

Arrivals and Collections:

Different classrooms have different entrances at nursery. These are called A&C Points, which stands for “Arrival and Collection Point”.

Each entrance has a picture of the class mascot on the door or gate. Near by is a door bell which you must press to inform the room that you have arrived. We strongly advise parents and carers to wrap up warm whilst waiting for staff to arrive.

Sharing spaces:

To avoid potential spread of the corona-virus, children no longer visit other classrooms during their time at nursery. The staff team, in a similar vain, have their own break rooms and work spaces allocated to them to prevent potential spread.

Alongside cleaning their classrooms and conservatories every day, the gardens and the outdoor spaces are thoroughly cleaned between sessions.

Sessions and Bills:

Parents and carers must book their child’s sessions ahead of time. Where possible, we ask for all bookings for the term. In the event that you need irregular sessions, we ask for two weeks notice at least; we do this to ensure their is availability for the days you need, otherwise we cannot guarantee space.

To help support families during this pandemic, children are now charged on an hourly basis instead of on a session by session basis. For instance, if your child attends 8am until 5pm, you will only be charged for those hours. Whereas before you would have been charged for 8am until 6pm.

Cleaning and Hygiene:

To ensure the nursery stays a clean and safe place for you and your child, we have modified our cleaning procedures and practice!

Staff frequently clean their classrooms throughout the day, targeting surfaces, handles, keypads, plates, cups and any the children use often.

All equipment and toys are disinfected at the end of the session.

Sickness and Exclusion:

Due to the corona-virus pandemic, our sickness exclusion procedure has changed.

If a child develops a persistent cough, high temperature or has a sudden loss of sense of taste/smell, they will be sent home. Staff will contact parents immediately and parents will be expected to collect their child as soon as possible.

Parents will be advised to have their child tested as soon as possible and wait for the test result to return. More information regarding the Sickness Exclusion can be found in the COVID-19 Policy. Click here for more information: Take be to the COVID-19 Policy!