Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We understand that the current outbreak of Covid-19 can be unnerving, especially to families who aren’t quite sure what they need to look out for. That’s why we’ve decided to compile all information into one place for you!

We will update this page as we receive more information – please bear with us!

What are our plans?

On Monday 23rd March, all staff are in to give their classroom a deep clean. As the week progresses, some staff will be asked to work from home to lower the number of people going in and out of nursery and thus, limit the potential for the disease to enter nursery.

In line with government orders, we are only offering childcare for front-line families and those that are vulnerable. This childcare is only for hours absolutely necessary whilst parents/carers are at work.

If no children are due in on a particular day, we will be closed.

All families whose children are in nursery these next few weeks will be asked to fill in updated work contact forms. This is so we can contact parents/carers at work in the event that we have to close, and check that their shifts are inline with the childcare we are providing.

What precautions are we taking?

Firstly, we have cut the number of people in nursery each day: the majority of our staff are working from home: those that are in are only in if absolutely necessary. Parents and carers now drop off and collect their child/children at the Main Office instead of walking into the staffroom.

Secondly, we are only offering childcare to families who absolutely need it, and ONLY for the hours absolutely needed. If parents finish work at 4pm, their child will be picked up at 4pm.

Thirdly, we are taking precautions to protect ourselves and the children and their families. Staff are frequently cleaning surfaces throughout the day, thoroughly cleaning toys and equipment with Milton, and are promoting good hygiene by making sure the children wash their hands, that staff themselves wash their hands and wear gloves and PPE as needed.

Who are in nursery?

As of Friday 20th March, the government has ordered all schools and nurseries to close. However, from Monday 23rd March we can offer childcare for children whose parents/carers are front-line staff, or if the family is particular vulnerable.

Why can’t my child come in?

As the UK and government proceed with plans to prevent the further spread and exposure of those vulnerable to COVID-19, all schools and childminders across the country have been asked to close and ONLY offer childcare to front-line parents and vulnerable families.

We understand that this can be upsetting. The aim of children being at home and away from nursery is to protect them and yourselves from unnecessary exposure to COVID-19, as well as limiting the spread of the disease if you and your family were to catch it or we had a case in nursery.

My child’s ill – can they still come in?

If your child has a persistent cough, please do not bring them into nursery! If your child develops a cough at nursery or they have a high temperature (37.8 or above), we will contact parents to ask them to collect them.

17.3.2020 – Government guidelines advise that any individual that develops a persistent cough should remain at home and isolate for 14 days (2 weeks) until they are better. Any other members of the household should also isolate at home for 14 days to prevent the illness from spreading.

Children won’t be sent home if they develop a fever after having injections/immunizations, or if they are teething.

Can I visit nursery?

As on Monday 16th March, we have a ‘Closed-door Policy‘. This means we are not having any tours, visits, stay & play sessions or support meetings for families such as CHIN or TAC.

We plan to be back to normal service on 14th April, 2020. As government plans proceed to close various services across the country, we will not be opening our doors to visitors until we are back open as normal.

What are our future plans?

We are closely following the advice and updates given to us by the UK government. We do not intend to close – unless told to do so by the government.


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