Fundraising for a Defibrillator

EDITED 16.3.2020

We have raised enough money to afford a defib! Thank you so much everyone for your generous donations and support – we will have more information coming soon on where the defib will be located, as well as photos for your guidance!

At this moment the Gooseberry Bush is fundraising to get a community defibrillator for the Rosemellin area.
With the nearest defibrillator 10 minutes away, it’s safe to say it’s not easy to get to in an emergency. Especially if you travel by foot and have limited mobility.
This is why we are fundraising – to help support the local community by bringing a service closure to home.

Throughout the year we are hosting several events that will be raising money for this cause, such as Coffee Mornings, Cake Stalls and a sponsored bike ride.
A chart is located at the Main Office showing how much we’ve raised, as well as any upcoming fundraising events!