FROGS – Friends of the Gooseberry Bush

This is the Parent, Teacher and Friends Association for the Gooseberry Bush Day Nursery, in Camborne. We invite parents and relatives of children at our setting, new, current and old, to join this group.

Our intent with FROGS is to involve parents, teachers and friends of the GBDN in upcoming events at nursery, including parties, holiday celebrations and fairs. We also hope to engage families with the day-to-day running of our setting more closely, as well as get feedback from parents and carers on policies, practices and much more.

You can join the PTFA by joining our Facebook Group – this is connected to our Facebook Page but is not the same thing. Click the button below to join us!

With this in mind please be aware you do not have to take part or donate anything towards being a part of the PTFA, however your donated time or resources are greatly appreciated. Giving us feedback on a policy change is just as important to us as donated toys are so please help out where you can, but don’t push yourself!