What can I do to help fund and support nursery?

Donate toys & spare clothes!

Any donations are greatly appreciated including spare clothes and old toys. If there are any items in your child’s wardrobe that they have grown out off, or perhaps you have old toys that they no longer use, feel free to drop them off at nursery.

We also love free books – any especially delicate may be placed in our library or added to an activity sack/book sack to ensure it stays together! Rest assured though that the children will have access to them as our books rotate frequently throughout the year so they have access to new books all the time.

Buy and send us resources!

We always appreciate donations from our fantastic families and neighbors, from toys and books to clothes and shoes their children have grown out of.

However there are always a few things we need more of or need to get replacements for. If you would like to get something for nursery specifically, please have a look out our Amazon Wishlist.


Please do not feel obligated to get us anything! We have tried to include the cheapest options that are still good enough quality to use at nursery, as we do not want to pressure our families or friends to buy overly expensive gifts.

Thank you for your support!

Again, we would like to stress that we do not want you to feel obligated to buy us additional resources, supply us with donated items or even pay towards fundraising via Amazon Smile.

Just sending your child to nursery is enough support for us. We will ensure the children continue to get all the toys and resources they need for a good and healthy development, so please don’t feel pressured to buy us resources!

Claire & Jenni (Co Managers)