Contact Safeguarding Team

At the GBDN, we have three members of staff who are trained Designated Safeguarding Leads (known as ‘DSLs’ or ‘Safeguarding Leads’):

  • Claire Buscombe is the Designated Safeguarding Officer.
  • Jenni Richards & Jean Scoffin are Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officers.

DSLs / Safeguarding Leads are the persons you need to speak to if you have a concern about a child’s wellbeing or a member of staff’s behaviour. You can contact them by:

Give us a call on 01209 713119, and ask to speak to the Designated Safeguarding Lead or a Deputy Safeguarding Lead.

Email them at:

Other authorities

If you are unable to contact the GBDN, you can contact MARU, MAAT or LADO depending on what concerns you might have. Please be aware that if your concern involves a child that attends our setting or a person who works with our children, the authorities below will contact us regarding your concern.

You can also contact the police if you believe that a child is at immediate risk of serious harm.

MAAT (Multi-agency Advice Team) are there to support you and give advice on how you should report a concern or not. You can contact MAAT by calling them on 0300 1231116 (1)

MARU (Multi-agency Referral Unit) are specifically in charge of tackling concerns about a child’s wellbeing. You can contact MARU by calling them on 0300 1231116 (2) or emailing them at

LADO (Local Authority Designated Officer) are specifically in charge of tackling allegations against people who work with children, which includes staff, volunteers, work placements and others. You can contact LADO by calling them on 01872 326536 or by emailing them at

Devon and Cornwall Police (Emergency) can handle immediate risks to a child’s safety and well-being. It is better to contact the appropriate service listed above before contacting the police where possible. You can contact the Police by calling them on 999 or 101 for their non-emergency line.