Special Needs and

Disability Policy


At the Gooseberry Bush Day Nursery we believe that children come first and have a right to be cared for and educated within an inclusive setting alongside their peer group.

Admissions policy

In certain circumstances some children may require additional resources. Parents of children with particular needs should either approach the settings SENDCo or Nursery Manager to discuss their child’s needs. Our main admission policy outlines the criteria for admission to the nursery and this applies to all children, regardless of special needs.

This policy is written to reflect the ethos of our pre-school and in consideration of the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice (2014).

Principles underpinning the New Code of Practice (2014)

The views, wishes and feelings of the child or young person, and the child’s parents

The importance of the child or young person, and the child’s parents, participating as fully as possible in decisions, and being provided with the information and support necessary to enable participation in those decisions

The need to support the child or young person, and the child’s parents, in order to facilitate the development of the child or young person and to help them achieve the best possible educational and other outcomes, preparing them effectively for adulthood

These principles are designed to support:

The participation of children, their parents and young people in decision- making

The early identification of children and young people’s needs and early intervention to support them

Greater choice and control for young people and parents over support

Collaboration between education, health and social care services to provide support

High quality provision to meet the needs of children and young people with SEN

A focus on inclusive practice and removing barriers to learning

Successful preparation for adulthood, including independent living and employment

The role of the SENDCO at RGBDN is to:

Assist with identifying any difficulties a child may have.

Help plan approaches, strategies and provide provision for individual children identified as SEN support

Keep parents in touch with progress with regular meetings

Review the policy annually.

Identify outside agencies that can help with parents’ permission

Act as a resource for all staff regarding special educational needs.

Keep the SEND files and SEN Support register up to date

Make referrals, initiate EHC Plans and apply for Place Plus funding with parents’ permission

Seek advice, support and training where required.

Attend SENDCO network cluster meetings

Read and pass on reports to the child’s keyworker

At RGBDN we undertake:

Children with special needs, like all other children, are admitted to the nursery after consultation between parents, manager and key worker.

To include any child with any form of individual need either with or without additional support in terms of equipment and/or staffing.

If it is felt that a child’s needs cannot be met in the nursery without the support of an additional worker, funding will be sought to employ one.

Our system of observation and record-keeping, which operates in conjunction with parents, enables us to monitor children’s needs and progress on an individual basis.

Carry out a progress check at age two within the Prime Areas which will help to identify any concerns.

Use a graduated approach to assessment through a system of Assess, Plan, Do and Review

To advise parents where we feel there may be a problem which requires medical diagnosis and treatment, such as a sensory impairment.

To prepare, individual education plans (IEPs) which outline additional targets for a child, over and above those defined in the foundation stage curriculum. 

To suggest ways in which parents can support their child’s progress at home.

To continue to include any child who may develop special educational needs while in our care, by seeking support from within our own setting and outside our setting where appropriate.

Specialist equipment and /or adaptations may be necessary to enable children with special needs to be integrated.

 Links with other agencies:

The nursery relies heavily upon parents to inform them of all other agencies involved with their child as such information may not necessarily be known by the nursery.  We will not contact other agencies without parental consent, unless there are concerns about child protection. 
We work in liaison with staff outside the group, including therapists, health visitors, psychologists, social workers, pediatricians and Portage workers, to meet children’s specific needs and to provide support for the family.
Please see list of agencies at end of this policy.

Transitional arrangements

When we know the next setting which a child will attend, we aim to liaise with them in order to make a smooth transition.  We will pass our progress reports, plans and assessments to them to enable a child’s progress to be monitored effectively.  We will not, however, pass on any information about a child to any other agency, without parental permission.

We have a link teacher from Rosemellin School that visits the nursery once a week and we take part in “Clever sticks” (parents learning together) once a week.

We can provide detailed communication passports of the child with the parents’ permission.

We encourage and invite schools to attend meetings and to come and visit our nursery.

Circulation & Complaints

Any parent is welcome to ask for their own copy at any time.
If a parent or carer has concerns about their child or children, relating to special needs issues, which are not satisfactorily resolved within the nursery, they should follow the general complaints procedure, a copy of which is available in the policy folder in reception. 

Link Organizations

Inclusion Team
Jan Driver: Senior Area SENDCO
Senior Educational Psychologist 
Educational Psychologist
SEN. Nurture Group Rosemellin School
Speech & Language Therapy
Camborne Nursery School & Hearing centre
Child Development Centre
Family Support Workers
Child in need team (CIN)
Children Centre
Health Visitors
Social Services
Student Services
Cornwall Action Team
Occupational Therapy