Roos / Focus Group

Hello, we are the SENDCo Team! We work closely with children to support them in any areas of the EYFS they may be behind in.

Please bear with us in the meantime for staff photos!

All about Roos / Focus Group Class

The Focus Group is a small class led by the SENDCo Team. As our classes are dictated by the children in nursery during the day, we do not have a set register. However, will be running morning and afternoon sessions 3 days a week, and we aim to take 3-4 children to each session.

The Honey Jar is a purpose-built building for our focus groups and whilst the children are not based in the Honey Jar all throughout the day, our groups frequently travel back and forth between our class and the nursery.

The children that attend Focus Groups may need additional support and we are working with them on their Individual Educational Plans (IEP) during our focus group time.
(Please note not all children who attend our focus groups have IEPs)

If you would like more information regarding our Focus Groups, please speak to our SENDCo, Laura.

Roos staff ratio is:

1 adult to 2 children