Pooh Bears

At the age of 2 years, your child will join the Pooh Bears room. This room is for children who spend more than their government funding hours at nursery and are looking for day-care.

In our Pooh Bears room, your child will experience a loving, nurturing and adventurous environment. We encourage children through play to share, being kind, turn-taking and being able to understand their own feelings and behaviour and learning right from wrong.

However for children this is a steep learning curve and, through patience, positive role modelling and activities along with lots of fun, children learn these new skills.

Your child will begin to learn social skills and will enjoy the company of others as well as making good relationships with the adults, especially their own key person.

In the Pooh Bears room we are always busy looking at books, singing and we spend lots of time outside having fun. We also love being messy with pretty much anything including painting, sticking, sand, gloop and cooking as well as eating.

Staff ratio is:

Staff ratio 1 adult to 4 children