Walk to School Week

Every year we promote walk to school week at the same time as local primary and secondary schools. This way we introduce early years aged children to healthy and safe walking habits before they begin to attend primary school, and give them a head start!

Who is Walk to School Week for?

Walk to School Week is designed for children aged 5 and over, however we have adjusted the event in our own setting to be age-appropriate and support families in keeping their children safe whilst allowing children their independence.

The majority of the week covers road safety and advice for parents, and these resources are primarily directed at the preschool children and their families. However some advice is universal regardless of age!

Advice for parents

Set an example for your child when crossing the road:

  • Stop, Look and Listen
  • Don’t take risks
  • Avoid using your mobile phone when crossing the road

Find a safe place to cross where you can see easily, ideally at a crossing or away from parked cars and when it’s clear, walk straight across.

Talk about the traffic you see on your way and the best places to cross, and ask questions about the speed and size of different vehicles.

In quiet areas, gradually allow your children to practice making decisions about where and when to cross the road.

Practice walking to school and to other destinations together. Start to let them lead the way and make decisions about where and when to cross.