Fussy Eaters

Not all children have the same likes and dislikes and with the wide world of foods, there will more often or not be something that a child doesn’t want to eat. This is completely normal toddler development however with time, this behaviour can become a problem when cooking meals or making up lunch boxes.

Below we have provided a list of resources that we believe will be helpful for families who have a fussy eater – if you would like any further assistance though, please contact us for support.

Why Toddlers Refuse Food

How To Manage Simple Faddy Eating in Toddlers

If you would like some further advice or support, you can ask your child’s key worker for guidance when you drop off/pick up or by messaging them on ClassDojo.

Alternatively you can contact Laura (SENDCo) at SENDCo@gooseberrybush.org OR Jean (Deputy Manager) at Jean.Scoffin@gooseberrybush.org for additional support.