Sugar in foods

It is important to be aware of how much sugar your child is eating a day as too much can cause obesity or teeth decay in the future. Despite this, not all sugars are equal!

Below is an image showing the amount of sugar found in various food items – please keep in mind that not all sugars are made equally, sugar is naturally included in fruit whilst it is added to skittles and cola to make them taste better. Processed food tends to have more sugar in it that natural, however this depends on the food itself.

Sugar Swaps

As you can see, there is a lot of sugar in certain foods which can give your child a lot of energy! However too much energy can negatively impact your child’s health such as making it difficult for them to sleep as they are ‘buzzing’ with energy.

It is important that there is a healthy balance of sugar in their diet but not too much – unfortunately with sugar being added to a lot of products, this can be challenging even for seasoned parents!

With this in mind, please see the images below for some healthy snack options and sugar swap ideas.

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