Our Fees and Bills

Since April 2020, all bills are made and given at the end of the month and families have until the 10th of the Month to inform nursery of any errors or problems with the bill.

There is a minimum of 3 hours booked per session, for example you cannot book a session from 8am until 10am as that is only 2 hours.

Two weeks notice must be given for changes to sessions and there must be availability for the sessions required – please speak with your child’s Room Leader if you would like to change your child’s sessions.

Extra hours are billed at the hourly rate.

Sick days and ‘days-off’ are not included in your invoices as you are only charged when your child attends.

See the chart below for our prices:

Any children that have started in the Piglets Classroom in March 2022 will instead have an hourly rate of £5.75.

Type of SessionCost for all but PigletsCost for Piglets
Full-Day (8am until 6pm)£55£57.50
Morning Session (8am until 1pm)£27.50£28.75
Afternoon Session (1pm until 6pm)£27.50£28.75
School-Day (9am until 3pm)£33£34.50
Extra hours£5.50£5.75

If you’d like assistance please contact us on 01209 713119.

What about lunches?

As your child grows older, we offer cooked lunch as an option for children who attend nursery during lunch time. Lunches must be booked ahead of time to ensure food is available!

Cooked lunch is £3.50 per meal

Alternatively, you can supply your child with a pack lunch from home which has no charge.

Please note cooked lunch is included with paid sessions and thus, is not charged for on top of paid sessions. Funding cannot be used to pay for lunches provided by nursery and so, you will be charged.