Parent Guidebooks

We aim to support our families in any way we can: to do this, we have created a series of guidebooks that cover several areas of interest that parents may have questions about. These booklets are for all parents and carers, as well as visitors to our setting!

Assessment: link
Attendance: link
Behaviour Management: link
Computing: link
Early Years Foundation Stage: link
Food in nursery: link
Groups: link
Home-Nursery Agreement: link
Prevent Radicalisation: link
Safeguarding: link
SEN (Special Educational Needs): link
Transitions: link
Unplanned Closures: link

These guides can be found at the Main Office when entering the nursery, and both families of the nursery and visitors are welcome to take as many booklets as they wish.

As we are always looking to improve our setting any way possible, we may update these booklets in the future. Because of this, we ask for parents to please let us know if they have any questions or are confused with something in the guidebook. If there is something you are curious about but can’t find it listed, please ask the Main Office for assistance!