DCFA Food Action

DCFA (short for ‘Devon and Cornwall Food Action’) is a registered charity that strives to eradicate food poverty in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall.

DCFA is not a foodbank. They work with food producers and supermarkets to redistribute surplus food to those in need. Nursery hosts the DCFA every month and we invite all persons whether connected to the nursery or not, to sign up and take part!

Who is this for?

Devon and Cornwall Food Action is for everyone! Their aim is to distribute surplus food to those who want it so that it doesn’t go to waste, so as long as you are interested in this, you can sign up!

How does it work?

You will firstly have to put your name down for an order but after having done so, you can visit our setting when the DCFA truck is next due and collect your food.

You will be given a mixture of foods from fresh, frozen and tinned goods, all catering to any allergies or dietary needs listed on your order.

You will need to pay £20 on the day but in return you will receive more food than what £20 would be worth at the local supermarket or green grocers.

Where do I sign up?

You can sign up using this online Google Form!

This form will ask you how many people are in your household, any allergies or dietary needs and your employment status. Please be aware that your employment status does not affect the food you receive!