Ofsted Reports

Our latest Ofsted inspection gave us a ‘Needs Improvement’ score

We have included a few quotes below taken directly from the March 2023 report. You can view the full report by following the link here: GBDN Ofsted Report – March 2023

Regarding our latest OFSTED inspection report, please see the letter below from our Management Team.

Date: Thursday 2nd March, 2023

Dear parents / carers,

Please find attached our most recent OFSTED report.

We would like to make you aware that the outcome of the

inspection was a result of a short-term response to an isolated problem, to which resolutions were planned but not yet implemented at the time of inspection.

All actions have already been addressed in the following ways:

  1. Updated our food allergy procedure
  2. Daily management check of staff knowledge of food allergy procedures
  3. Staff moves to make teams stronger
  4. Updated menu published on ClassDojo
  5. Accurate feedback regarding snacks and lunch at home time.

We would like to highlight the following positive points within the report.

Our safeguarding is Effective. We have a strong curriculum, SEND children are supported effectively and there is an inclusive environment for all children.

Staff focus on improving children’s communication, children display good behaviour and attitudes, saying please and thank you and using turn taking language and having good listening skills and like to be active and display good physical skills.

Pre-school children display good knowledge of numbers and counting. Our parents feel children are happy and settled.

If you have any questions please contact us to discuss them.

~ The Management Team

“Children love to be active in the setting and develop good physical skills. Pre-school children run up and down grassy mounds in the garden and see who can roll down the fastest. Toddlers practice how to throw and catch a ball.”

“There is a well thought-out curriculum in place for children. Staff work together on what they want children to learn. They plan for children to be confident communicators.”

“Staff support children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) effectively. They use visual cues and hand signs to communicate with children […] Children respond with a hand sign ‘yes’. Children with SEND participate in all activities on offer and experienced key persons meet their needs well.

To see our previous Ofsted inspection reports, please follow the link here: GBDN: Ofsted – Activity, reports and ratings

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