Our Ethos and Aims

“Where children come first!”

Our motto – since the beginning

Our Ethos

At one point our ethos was simply our motto “Where children come first!”, however over the years our ethos has expanded to include and better express our values and nursery culture. You can find our ethos on the image below; we display our ethos throughout our classrooms and buildings.

Our Aim

Our aim is to ensure that you and your child are happy and healthy at our setting in whatever way we can!

We do this by:

  • Giving daily feedback on what you child has been doing throughout the day,
  • Uploading posts, photos and videos of your child to their ClassDojo for you to view wherever you wish,
  • Planning activities in line with your child’s next steps for development,
  • Assessing your child against the Leuven Scales for wellbeing and involvement,
  • Providing age-appropriate toys and equipment for your child to play with and explore,
  • By having a friendly and supportive team of staff who are well-training and up to date with the latest regulations

When your child leaves our setting, we aim for them to be:

  • Good Communicators
  • Resilient
  • Independent and Active Learners
  • Predicting and Problem Solvers
  • Have good Literacy
  • Understand Our Community

You can find more information about our curriculum by click this sentence


We understand that paperwork isn’t the most fun to sit through – that’s why we try to do the majority of it for you!

The most paperwork you would ever deal with would be when your child first enrols. Afterwards, you will only have to sign the occasional accident, medicine or outing form.

For families with English as a second language, we provide translated documents.


The Gooseberry Bush is open all year round and we are only closed on weekends, bank holidays, and from Christmas Eve at 4pm until the 2nd January (we may also close for the occasional snow day).

We offer an Open Door Policy, meaning that if you need us we will try our best to make that happen! Or if you have an alternating shift pattern, we provide Irregular sessions to help you as you go.

Equal Opportunities and Inclusion

We highly value equal opportunities and inclusivity; we support all our children as they grow and develop!

For those children whom have IEPs and need a little more support our SEN trained nursery nurses work directly with the children and support their key person to provide the best for the children.

If you ever have any questions or worries about your child’s development, our SENDCo Team are happy to answer any questions you might have and offer any support they can.

Charity and Fundraising

We are a non-profit organisation; all our income goes to seeking new resources and toys for the children, paying our staff and ensuring our staff have up to date training.

As a charity we have often fundraised for other charities in the past such as the Sunrise Centre, Children In Need, Red Nose Day, Christmas Jumpers, etc.

At this moment we are currently fundraising for a Defibrillator for the Rosemellin Area to support the increased housings and families in our community.