How do I enroll?

Our priority is making sure all families are comfortable and happy with our choice of setting: before enrolling with us. We offer tours of the nursery for all families interested in having their child attend our setting.

During your tour you can meet our staff, ask any curriculum questions you might have, discuss sessions and fees with a member of management and even see our large, grassy garden at the back of the nursery.

After the tour the parents/carers can fill in a waiting list form. Staff organise settling-in sessions with parents so that both the child and the parents/carers are comfortable coming to and from the nursery. Our settling-in sessions are free and every family can have as many or as little as sessions as they need.

When your child starts settling in, the nursery will give you a Parent/Carers Essentials Booklet. This booklet contains information about our classrooms, the management team, the items you’ll need, etc. You are welcome to read this book at your leisure and it is yours to keep.

Once you and your child’s Room Leader are happy with your child being settled, we will organise a Home Visit. We use home visits to build a positive relationship between your family and your child’s key worker. Staff arrange Home Visits prior to your child’s intended start date.

During a home visit, you and your child will be visited by your child’s Key Worker and one of the Management Team, to go through final paperwork, discuss your child’s routine at home, etc.

To arrange a tour with us or enroll your child into our setting, please ring us on 01209 713119 or email us at and we can organise a date and time convenient for you!